H.264 1080P real-time IP video decoder

The VPort VP-022D is a video decoder for decoding up to four H.264 video streams simultaneously from VPort video encoders and IP cameras to a digit

al signal. The digital signal can be transmitted via the VP-022D’s HDMI port to monitors for live-view displaying.


Manual (1)
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VP-022D Datasheet
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VP-022D User’s Manual
  • Features
  • Ordering info
  • Supports VPort encoders and VPort IP cameras
  • Decodes H.264 video streams to an HDMI video signal
  • Transparent PTZ control with legacy PTZ controller
  • View up to 4 split screens on a single monitor
  • Manual selection of up to 16 video sources
Available Models
Model No. Description
VP-022D 4-channel H.264 industrial video decoder, 0 to 50°C operating temperature
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