Remote Operation Observation System for Hand Held Thermal Binoculars

ROOSTER® is a Remote Operation Observation System for Hand Held Thermal Binoculars. It is a lightweight portable system that can be deployed withi

n minutes on a tripod or fitted on car roof with either vacuum or magnet holders. It is a remote operation system for Hand-Held Thermal Imagers (HHTI), specifically designed for defense forces. Due to the danger from hostile fire, there is a growing need to use HHTIs remotely, over wire or via wireless. Soldiers can perform their missions more efficiently, while seeking protection from snipers using HHTIs on a remote controlled pan & tilt. The unit is safe, efficient and offers additional features such as digital recording and playback, programmable preset stations and automatic target scanning. ROOSTER® offers comfortable surveillance, Operator safety, Extended operation time.

ESC BAZ has designed and developed its innovative ROOSTER® as an ‘Open Frame’ platform, which means that it is easily integrated with most leading HHTIs and EO sensors, LRF, GPS, Compass, or additional accessories. The system is controlled via the innovative hand-held Command and Control unit, MAX, which offers easy and intuitive remote usage of all the functions of the HHTIs from safe and protected location.