1-port RS-232 device server

NPort 5110 device servers (serial to ethernet converters) is designed to make serial devices network-ready in an instant. The small size of the server

s makes it ideal for connecting devices having serial ports  such as card readers and payment terminals to an IP-based Ethernet LAN. Use the NPort 5100 series device servers to give your PC software direct access to serial devices from anywhere on the network.
Using serial to ethernet converters to connect legacy serial devices to Ethernet is now common place, and users expect device servers to be cost-effective and to provide a broad selection of useful functions. With its full support of Microsoft and Linux operating systems, the NPort 5110  provides the best choice for serial-to-Ethernet converters. For RS-485 port or a combo – RS-232 / 422 / 485 ports, please use our Nport 5130 or Nport 5150 models!





Name Action
NPort 5110 Datasheet
  • Features
  • Small size for easy installation
  • Real COM/TTY drivers for Windows and Linux
  • Standard TCP/IP interface and versatile operation modes
  • Easy-to-use Windows utility for configuring multiple device servers
  • SNMP MIB-II for network management
  • Configure by Telnet, web browser, or Windows utility
  • Adjustable pull high/low resistor for RS-485 port