Cohesive, secure, and reliable connection between device, database, and SCADA

The MX-AOPC UA Suite includes MX-AOPC UA Server, Viewer, and Logger, which are all based on the OPC UA (Unified Architecture) standard. OPC UA is t

he next generation OPC standard (IEC 62541), which provides a cohesive, secure, and reliable framework for accessing real-time and historical data. MX-AOPC UA Server not only inherits Moxa’s patented active monitoring technology, but also supports Modbus protocol for polling data, to provide a secure and reliable gateway bridging edge devices to the SCADA system. MX-AOPC UA Viewer is an OPC UA client that allows users to easily view tag values and server statuses. MX-AOPC UA Logger is another handy client for converting and uploading data logs to the central database. With Moxa’s MX-AOPC UA Suite, users can now instantly receive alarms, real-time updates, and save historical data, allowing for both timely risk prevention and solid maintenance response.


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MX-AOPC UA Suite Datasheet
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MX-AOPC UA Logger User's Manual
MX-AOPC UA Server User's Manual
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Ensure Data Completeness with Data Supplement’s Auto Mode, on Demand, and on Schedule
How to Build a Public Cloud with MX-AOPC UA Server and Logger
  • Features
  • Ordering info
  • Create a secure data connection between OT and IT systems
  • Efficient data acquisition through push-type transmission (report by interval or exception method)
  • Automatic data updates from SD cards following network failures
  • On-demand and on-schedule data supplement as a complement to automatic data supplement
Available Models
Model No. Description
MX-AOPC UA Server (trial version) 30-day trial version that supports up to 30 device connections(now available for download from Moxa’s website,
MX-AOPC UA Server (free version) Free version that supports up to 30 device connections, with unlimited runtime operations (download trial version first; requires registering your PC User Code* on Moxa’s website at
MX-AOPC UA Server (paid version) Unlimited device connections and runtime operations (requires purchasing a registration code from Moxa)
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