Advanced modular controller with built-in serial ports

The ioThinx 4530 Series is an advanced modular controller product with a unique hardware design, making it an ideal solution for a variety of industri

al data acquisition applications. The ioThinx 4530 Series has a unique mechanical design that reduces the amount of time required for installation and removal, simplifying deployment and maintenance. In addition, the ioThinx 4530 Series supports Moxa Industrial Linux and a built-in Azure/AWS/Alibaba cloud SDK so that users can easily save field data to different cloud accounts.

Manufacturing,Power,Oil & Gas

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ioThinx 4530 Datasheet
  • Features
  • Easy tool-free installation and removal
  • Moxa Industrial Linux with secure boot function
  • Supports up to 64 I/O modules
  • Built-in Azure/AWS/Alibaba Cloud library
  • Built-in OPC UA server library