High-Performance IOT Gateway

The IG-902 has powerful edge computing capabilities, to reduce cloud-end computing resources, and realize data optimization, real-time response, agile

connection and model analysis on the IoT edge, further advancing the development of digital networking in the AI era. The IG-902 is a certified Microsoft Azure IoT Device.


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IG-902 Datasheet
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  • Built-in redundancies: dual SIM card, link backup, VRRP hot standby, ensuring uninterrupted network communications
  • Powerful computing performance, providing high-performance processing resources for edge computing
  • Supports a variety of industrial realtime Ethernet protocols and field bus protocols, compatible with a wide range of industrial equipment
  • Support Python development, for developing user custom applications
  • Support industrial cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS
  • Easy for management and largescale deployment, support SNMP protocol and InHand Device Manager cloud platform for efficient remote central management
  • Fully industrial-grade design, ready for challenging conditions
Available Models
Model No. Description
IG-902 High-Performance IOT Gateway with dual SIM, dual LAN, One RS-232 & one RS485 port, Operating temperature -25 ~ 75 °C
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