100% flat fronted touch and non-touch, Industrial grade monitors. Ultra thin profile, smooth rounded corners and rugged glass fronted for a totally contemporary outlook.

The IDP31-215W Proflat series responds to a demand for contemporary styling in demanding applications such as public signage, front of house informati

on, medical and point-of-sale. Each product features a truly-flat, easy to clean and maintain glass surface with long term product availability. All products can be used in either portrait or landscape mode and are cleverly packaged in such a way that no further mechanical parts are needed other than a VESA mount to create a display system. The use of a metal chassis provides a rugged and stable platform to build solutions for the widest range of applications. Optional multi-touch and the choice of both black or white finish creates further opportunity for those seeking to differentiate their next product design.


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Datasheet for IDP31-215W
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  • Multi-touch PCT touch overlay
  • VGA, DVI, HDMI interface
  • Thin profile, enclosure – no need for additional enclosures or metalwork
  • Built-in audio and speakers
  • Wide view-angle 89°/89°/89°/89° for portrait and landscape mode
  • True flat surface – contemporary Proflat style
  • Regular brightness 250 CD/m2
  • Wide operating temperature -10 to +70° C for broad range of applications
  • 21.5″ LCD wide screen panel with LED backlight for long service life
Available Models
Model No. Description
IDP31-215W 21.5" widescreen, Industrial black ProFlat monitor with PCT Multi-touch touchscreen, 250CD/m2
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