4U 14-slot Full-size Rackmount Chassis

The 4U, heavy-duty steel DYNA-IPC-400 AT/ATX compatible rackmount industrial chassis is designed to operate reliably in industrial environments where

it will be exposed to dust, wide temperature variations, and shocks and vibrations, among other things.


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DYNA-IPC-400 Datasheet
  • Features
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  • Cost-effective, RoHS compatible design
  • Flexible drive combinations
  • Two USB ports on the front panel
  • 12 cm cooling fan with replaceable fan filter
  • Lockable door prevents unauthorized access
Available Models
Model No. Description
DYNA-IPC-400G (C)-BP 4U 14-slot Rackmount Chassis,Black, 1x 12cm fan, without Powersupply
DYNA-IPC-400G (C) –MB 4U ATX motherboard Rackmount Chassis, DYNA-IPC-400G (C) –MB Black,1x 12cm fan, without Powersupply
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