Intelligent DCS /SCADA Trainer with Wireless Intelligent Controller

Dynalog’ has over 3 decades of experience in the field of Industrial Automation. Add to it the knowledge & presence in Indian higher Education

Market, it is this perfect blend of vast experience and knowledge which gives Dyna-iDCS the edge in delivering one of the best designed Industrial Distributed Control System to train young students and the future of India. The concepts of Distributed Control Systems, SCADA and Industrial communications can be exhaustively studied using this setup.
Dyna-iDCS is designed around ADAM-3600, an Intelligent Remote Controller with multiple wireless function capability, multiple I/O selection, wide temperature range & support flexible communication protocol for real world industrial applications. The Intelligent RTU controller has logic capability of usual PLC as well as latest advanced features for DCS.
The ADAM-3600 is designed for use in the Internet of Things (IoT) for Remote diagnosis, Maintenance, Visual management & Strategy Development. Dyna-iDCS can also be seamlessly Integrated with SCADA for Remote Monitoring & Control.
Ease of Experimentation and Learning for students is achieved by mounting the controller on a panel with easy access to all signals. Modular Breakout Panels for easy interfacing with simulated I/O’s & with Plug in Modules (PIM’s ) for performing various experiments are also provided. Process mimics as well as real world applications also connect with Dyna-iDCS. A suitable software package used in the industry for configuring the controller and PLC Programming languages is also included in the package.