Low Cost 8086 μP Training & Development System

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Datasheet for DYNA-86
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  • 8284 Clock Generator
  • 8288 Bus Controller
  • 64 KB powerful monitor Firmware in two 27256 EPROMs organized as 16 bit words. Expandable upto 128 KB using two 27512 EPROMs
  • 64 KB static RAM in two 62256 RAMs organized as 16 bit words with battery backup
  • 3.6v Ni-Cd battery backup circuit for static RAMs
  • Hex pad / Display interface through 8279 Keyboard display controller
  • On Board 8254 Timer/Counter chip. Out of 3 channels of Timer/Counter two channels are totally available to the user through a 7 pin relimate connector
  • 48 Parallel I/O lines from two 8255 are brought out on separate FRC connector
  • Printer interface provided through another 26 pin FRC connector
  • Serial I/O through 8251 USART, with on-board level shifters 1488 &1489, brought out on a 9 bit D type connector
Model No. Description
SMPS-01 Switch Mode Power Supply
CC SET Cable & Connector Set
Available Models
Model No. Description
Dyna-86 Advanced 8086  μP Trainer Kit
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