PLC Demonstrator

DT-2001 is a versatile & most comprehensive demonstrator setup to perform unique and hands-on training experiments related to PLC


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Datasheet for DYNA-iDCS
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  • High Quality 10mm LED’s are used to simulate the PLC output
  • Highly accurate Circuits are used to generate this for Instrumentation purposes, usually using a quartz crystal oscillator within a sealed temperature-controlled chamber known as a crystal oven or OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator).
  • I/O interfaces allow the user to send information to the Frequency Counter and receive information from the Frequency Counter.
  • Commonly-used interfaces include RS232, USB, GPIB and Ethernet.
  • Supplied in attractive Wooden / Metallic enclosure.
  • Documentation includes User Manual with details
  • Cable & connector set available for interfacing.
  • Suitable software & PC Interface options are also available
  • The Pico family of Nano PLCs from Allen Bradley, are Smallest & Most Economical Controller.
  • They offer Performing Simple Logic, Timing, Counting & Real Time Clock Operations.
  • DT-2001, is built around Allen Bradley’s PICOLOGIX
  • Built in power supply (24V DC)
Available Models
Model No. Description
DT-2001 PLC Demonstrator Trainer
Model No. Description
CC SET Cable & Connector Set with software
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