4G IOT Gateway Router with 5 Ethernet Ports, Wi-Fi, Serial options, with built-in analog and digital I/O.

The R1520 4G router is the ultimate connectivity solution for providing internet access to multiple end devices. Providing multiple Ethernet, Seria

l and Wi-Fi options with support for both analog and digital I/O (isolated), the R1520 4G modem can be used to provide remote access and control to industrial devices, security cameras, in vehicle systems, PLCs. It can be used in various applications in IIOT, Industry 4.0 , factory automation, Smart City, Oil & gas, Power, HTMS / ITMS projects. It has been tested globally, so it can be used for global deployments, since this modem supports and is tested with various carriers across the world.


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  • CPU - Qualcomm SoC, Flash 16MB, RAM 128 MB.
  • Free Cloud Management platform for easy global monitoring
  • 802.3at compliant POE interface for simple powering
  • E-mark certification for in vehicle use
  • Unique “Smart Roaming” capability for enhanced roaming SIM management
  • Support Dual SIMs & WIFI/Ethernet as WAN
  • Wireguard/IPsec/OpenVPN/DMVPN supported
Available Models
Model No. Description
R1520-4L Global 4G IOT Gateway Router with 5 Ethernet Ports, Serial (RS-232 & RS-485), Wi-Fi with built-in analog and digital I/O.
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R1520 - The versatile global 4G Router, with Dual SIM, 5 Ethernet ports, WiFi Access Point, GPS, Serial Port, Isolated DIO, AI, and E-mark certified.