RS-485 remote I/O with 6 DIs, 6 relays

With the industry’s first RS-485 serial remote I/O with USB design, Moxa provides an innovative solution for upgrading and configuring RS-485 rem

ote I/O communication devices and firmware. All you need to do is upload the configurations to a USB drive, plug it into the field device, and all the configurations and firmware updates will upload to the field device. This innovative solution allows anyone, even someone with no technical background, to upload a device’s configurations and firmware by USB so you no longer need to bring your computer to the field site to perform routine maintenance.


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ioLogik_R1200_Series Datasheet
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ioLogik R1200 Series Quick Installation Guide
ioLogik R1200 Series User's Manual
  • Features
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  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)  
  • Dual RS-485 remote I/O with built-in repeater
  • Supports the installation of multidrop communications parameters
  • Install communications parameters and upgrade firmware via USB
  • Upgrade firmware through an RS-485 connection
Available Models
Model No. Description
ioLogik R1214 RS-485 remote I/O, 6 DIs, 6 Relays
ioLogik R1214 -T RS-485 remote I/O, 6 DIs, 6 Relays, -40 to 85°C operating temperature.
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