Solution for Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories

With Computerization & networking technology getting more advanced, we expect to have every data on our screens & a backup on the servers. Thus industrial networks are now expected to meet new standards of operational capability and consistency. Pharmaceutical industry is no exception & they need to keep pace with the changes evolving.

Here, we discuss how or products fit in LIMS Application which is widely prevalent in Pharmaceutical industry.

Laboratory Information & Management System (LIMS)

LIMS is a software package, to automate the testing laboratory in Pharmaceutical & other laboratories. The LIMS Package manages flow of samples and associated data to improve lab efficiency. There are many LIMS Software integrators in India, who have developed the software to implement the automation, besides integrating it in your systems, but for the automation part, where the real world data of the Weigh balance, the PH meters are to be read, previously a print was stuck to the report.

Fret no more.  Our Serial Device Servers, will capture the data from these devices who are currently connected to the printer, & fill the same in the reports directly making it more realistic.. Our serial device servers are products which are most widely used with machines having serial ports to transmit the data on to the computers & finally into the reports or on to the HMI Software.

Product Offering:
1-port RS-232/422/485 serial device servers