Dynalog’s Offering for Smart City Elements


Dynalog’s smart city product solutions are designed keeping in mind the growing importance of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Our comprehensive range of products can meet demands of all smart city solutions needs like Smart Transportation, City Surveillance/ Safe City, Intelligent Traffic management Solution, Smart Waste management and Smart Water management.

Our complete offering of Edge-to-Core wired or wireless Network Infrastructure connectivity solutions enables us to offer superior value by incorporating leading innovative technologies and providing flexible service and expert consulting for mission critical applications.

City Surveillance / Safe City

Dynalog’s CCTV offers a comprehensive portfolio of surveillance products that includes Industrial Edge Switches, IP cameras, video servers, video recorders, and wired and wireless Ethernet solutions, and video management platforms, Dynalog’s surveillance devices excel in industrial reliability and interoperability to meet the level of mission-critical security required by industrial applications.

Intelligent Traffic
Management system

Designing an effective solution is one thing and getting it converted to reality is another. One of the issues in the process is finding and sourcing rare or critical components. Over the years we have established partnerships with many world-known brands in this area and know how to get all the components that you may need for timely completion of your project.

Smart Water Solution

Dynalog seamlessly integrates the existing monitoring system for a water pumping station into a larger Ethernet network, while retaining the high level of reliability and security that is critical for these types of facilities.

Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management is the one thing just about every city government provides for its residents. While service levels, environmental impacts and costs vary dramatically, solid waste management is arguably the most important municipal service and serves as a prerequisite for other municipal action.

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