Industrial Networking

Networking is the key to any business.  Dynalog Networking Group provides end-to-end solutions in Device Networking in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Banglore India. We provide reliable Hardware and Software Solutions to ensure that your devices are made Ethernet Ready! Any Industrial device which is able to communicate, can be made Ethernet ready, and thus networked using our  N-port device servers, thus enabling vital data to be networked, processed and controlled.

We provide expertise in suggesting the optimum networking schemes, for any given environment.  We also provide Rugged Ethernet switches, with environmental modification to suit the operating conditions for various project needs, as in Offshore / Onshore applications in Oil Exploration and offshore oil rigs network in India.

Some other areas where we provided device networking solutions are:

>  Power Generation and Distribution Substation Monitoring

>  Railways and Airport Connectivity using Fiber Optics

>  Road and Infrastructure Projects

>  Ship Building and In-ship Automation and Networking

>  Media and Television Broadcasting Networking Solutions

>  Petrol Bunk Automation and Communication

>  Process and Plant Automation

Automatic Meter Reading Applications

Wireless Automation of CNC Machines

Multiple Serial Connectivity in Military Projects

>   Wireless Computing solutions

>    Wireless LAN Networking solutions

>   Water Supply and Distribution Networking Solutions

>   Refineries Networking Solutions

We provide solutions based on products and services of the best in the industry. Products chosen are from reputed partners, who along with us value quality and service. Since we value quality and service, we offer a Five year warranty on most of our products. You can fin our products in Mumbai, Delhi etc. Networking schemes are designed considering the latest technologies available Globally, Cables conduits, Switches, Wireless equipments etc. used are the best available in major cities in India – Mumbai pune Bangalore delhi India in the business.

We ensure Minimum downtime, by taking optimum care in the pre-design stage itself, and the right products selected for the project. Thus more emphasis is placed on Pre-sales activities, by closely working with prospective clients, providing them enough information, suggestions, ideas to implement their schemes.

We thus take pride in claiming near zero Downtime, and 0.05 % failure rate.

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