We are in the business of providing Technical education solutions & development tools to educational & industrial customers. Dynalog was the first to manufacture & launch the indigenously designed 8085 based Microprocessor based training & development system in India. Our 8085-based training kit Micro friend-I was the first of a highly successful series. Read more

PIO interfacing cards  Dyna-51  Digital Trainer  Breadboard Module
Desktop Multimeter/Tester  Analog Oscilloscope  Amplification  Logics
Extra Interface boards  8085 Microprocessor  Compiler  8086 Microprocessor

Dynalog's Industrial Automation Group has established itself as a leader and pioneer in PC based Data Acquisition domain with a proven track record of delivering superior services and solutions to Indian Industries in unique application environments. Read more

Data Acquisition- Motion Controls  Etherstax Es2100 Series  Distributed IO's & PAC  Industrial Chassis
Industrial Monitors  Industrial Motherboards  SBC & Backplanes  WS Series
USB based Portable DA&C Modules  cPCI based systems  BUSWORKS 900EN SERIES  SCADA & HMI solutions

From connecting computers to networking any device we help getting vital data virtually from any device into the database. Thus, legacy devices, like Chart recorders, weighing machines, Loop controllers, PID controllers, PLC's Barcode Readers, Swipe card readers etc. and many such devices with serial port can be connected to the Computer network efficiently. Read more

Secure Terminal Servers  Modular Ethernet Switches  Wireless Device Servers   Wireless LAN
Industrial Media Converters   USB to Serial   ISA Serial Boards  Industrial Wireless AP/Bridge/Client
Universal PCI Serial Boards  Device Servers  Fiber Boards  Industrial Cellular

Meeting the defence needs of the Indian Armed Forces is amongst the top priorities of Dynalog India Ltd. To serve this purpose, DSPG is a dedicated team, focused and committed to provide automation solutions for various complex and special projects undertaken by our defence forces. Read more

Rugged Display  Portable Systems  Rackmount Computers  Rackmount Systems

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We are in the business of providing “Intelligent Automation Solutions”.

Solutions that are designed with your business needs in mind and delivered on a “turn-key” basis. Over the three decades of our work we have developed capabilities & dedicated groups of experts in Sourcing innovative components and products, Designing Solutions that are designed with your business needs in mind and delivered turnkey systems, Fabricating, installing & commissioning, Providing maintenance & support.